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Twitterで知ったのだが、Debian GNU/LinuxRISC-Vへの移植プロジェクトが進んでいるようだ。先日、メーリングリストが公開された。


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2016-02-19 The preparations for this port started in private a while ago, but nothing has been made public so far and nothing useful yet for users and developers. The main reason is the lack of official support for this architecture in fundamental pieces of the toolchain (binutils, gcc, glibc), the main OS kernel (linux) or even other software that might help with the port (e.g. qemu). All of the mentioned pieces have support in progress and are considered to submit for upstreaming, but nothing definitive has happened at the moment. In particular, a recent message informed about some upcoming changes to the supervisor specifications (the ABI), which will affect binutils at least. Starting a Debian port without the ISA being settled is not very > good, since the effort will need to be restarted from scratch. It is expected that this situation will change soon (within few months) and that progress on this port can be started.

ツールチェインのサポートが無く、QEMUなどの環境が無いということだが、これは別にオフィシャルのものがあるし、関係無いんじゃないのかなあ? また、ABIの変更なども上げられているが、binutilsもそれに合わせて改変が進んでいる。むしろそっちを追い掛けていかないと、発展途上中のアーキテクチャに対応するのは大変だろう。